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Head Rig | Slingsorter | Stacker (Reporoa)


Project: Head Rig | Slingsorter | Stacker (Reporoa)

Client: Donnelley’s

Sling sorter installed and stacker tilt hoist infeed and outfeed provided Donelley’s with improved utilisation of the existing bin sorter by giving them the ability to dry sort after kiln drying without tying up the green mill bin sorter.

The stacker in the sawmill was a separate project. Automatic stacker and robotic fillet placer. This was added to allow alternate ending on green packets along with auto stick placement.

We also relocated the head rig which would show we are still welcome back. The head rig was relocated from a stand-alone location to allow integration with the small log line. We were able to design a solution which utilised the existing carriage slabber and rollcase. Along with this we installed a refurbished Letson Burpee 6ft High strain to maximise the output on their primary breakdown machine centre.


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